If you would like to get in touch, please contact Paddy and Ann on

You are very welcome to attend tranquillity zones without having any particular interest in the Bahá’í Faith. These are for everyone. Please ask for directions if you need them.

We can provide leaflets, lend or sell books and provide speakers for schools or groups. We are always very happy to discuss Bahá’í beliefs! You are welcome to visit us for a chat or we can meet somewhere else if that is more convenient.

Paddy writes a blog with a Bahá’í slant on current affairs which you might find interesting:

There is a Facebook page called “Vaguely Interested” which you may like to look at. There are regular posts on this about various topics connected with Bahá’í beliefs.

There is also a Facebook page called Bahá’ís of Southam.

To investigate more online, visit one of these:

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